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A Message about budapest

If you are into architecture porn, Budapest is for you. One incredible building after another. Block after block of what is simply an incredible mix of styles, the imaginations of the creators gone wild during the city’s years of empire. It is really something to see. And I felt like a total rube arriving so late. What took me so long!?

Anthony Bourdain loved Budapest

Essential Budapest Travel Guide

Whether you are looking for the best Budapest restaurants, Budapest nightlife hotspots or Budapest public transport info, check out our comprehensive travel guide, with all the information you need in one place.

Blaha Lujza Square before WW1 Blaha Lujza Square todaz

Must-see sights

There are many amazing things to see in Budapest, but there are some parts of the city you have to check out.

Money exchange

Check out the best tips for money exchange in Budapest: Do you need much cash, where to get it, what to avoid, etc.

Getting around

Budapest public transport is great, it’s easy to get anywhere, even at night.  But, Budapest is really a walkable city.

Free guided tours

What to see in Budapest? Let our free walking tours (tip-based) show you. Our guides are the best in the city!


Budapest museums offer a variety of experiences for every taste and interest: from Roman times to today’s urban culture.

Thermal baths

Budapest thermal baths are one of the main attractions in the city. Find out why Budapest is called “The City of Spas”.


Hungarian food is famous for a reason. What is a traditional food in Budapest you have to try? Check out our guide!


The main Hungarian drinks are Unicum, palinka, and wine. Recently, like everywhere else, craft beer is gaining momentum.


It’s not just Hungarian restaurants in Budapest. Here you can find delicacies from every corner of the world!


Where to party hard in Budapest? Where are the best clubs in Budapest? We got you covered!

Rooftop bars

Great views, cool crowd, nice atmosphere, perfect vibe: Budapest rooftop bars must be checked out!

Live music

From smooth jazz to electronic or rock: there are many venues to catch some live music in Budapest.

Ruin bars

Szimpla Kert is the best ruin bar in Budapest. But, there are many others in this special category Budapest is known for.

Cocktail bars

There are several fantastic cocktail bars in Budapest where you can enjoy delicious drinks prepared by skilled mixologists.

Wine bars

If you’re a wine connoisseur or just a casual fan, you’ll find a variety of wine bars in Budapest to suit your taste.

Sports bars

Sports, in general, are very popular in Hungary, so there are many very good sports bars in Budapest.

River cruise

Budapest is known as the “Pearl of the Danube” and cruising along the river allows you to take in stunning sights.

Street art

Budapest street art is an integral part of the city’s rich history and culture, adorning walls, facades, and even entire neighborhoods.

Coffee shops

From specialty brews in cozy little cafes, to stunning grand coffee houses, Budapest coffee shops  have it all.

Classical music

There are some amazing venues for classical concerts in Budapest. The quality of the perfomancies is outstanding.

Flea markets

Budapest flea markets are full of hidden treasures, be it Habsburg riches or communist oddities. Enjoy the hunt!

Movie theaters

Movie theaters in Budapest will show the latest blockbusters, some of them in English, with Hungarian subtitles.

Car rentals

Budapest car rentals offer quality vehicls at affordable prices. There are many types of cars to choose from.


Budapest gyms offer modern equipment and amenities you would expect from world-class training facilities.


Shopping in Budapest is not always cheap, but Budapest shops can compete with any European city.

For kids

Budapest for kids? There are plenty of cool places where young ones can have a lot of fun, parents too.


Is Budapest safe? Yes, but use common sense like everywhere else. Check out the list of emergency numbers in Hungary.

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Why Budapest?

Stunning architecture

rich history

Delicious food

Amazing nightlife

Budapest architecture can rival any city in the world: Klotild Palace
Why Us?

We are here to help. It is as simple as that. Budapest is a fantastic city and all who visit should have a great time. There is a lot of information out there about the city. Many people offer advice, telling you what to do and what not to do. But very often those people just visited Budapest a few times (or even once). Information gets outdated, or stories are made up because somebody heard something somewhere. Official sites are very informative but too formal and stale.

We are different, locals who have been living here for decades and know all ins and outs of the city, understand what visitors are looking for: accurate, updated information, authenticity, and stuff you can’t find in a guidebook. So we created this Budapest travel guide, with the best Budapest tourist information!

Iconic Budapest view: the Hungarian Parliament. Budapest travel guide shows you the most beautiful sights!
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