Free walking tours in Budapest

What are free walking tours? Book a tour (without any payment), show up, and enjoy amazing sights, information, and vibes. Meet other travelers and exchange experiences. At the end, tip a guide whatever you think is appropriate. Below are the best free walking tours in Budapest. Check out the reviews!

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Ingrid, Albuquerque

The best free walking tour I’ve ever been on! Robert is a skilled storyteller; it was a fantastic introduction to Budapest. I liked the pictures he showed to illustrate the history. I appreciated that we were able to sit down twice, including at the end on a beautiful historic boat. We even all got traditional candy! The list of recommendations provided at the end was great. I went to one of the restaurants for langos and loved it. (WannaWalk tour)

Mat, Cairns

George is lovely, knowledgeable, and approachable, and his passion for his home town is evident. (Budapet Sunset tour)

Eleonora, Düsseldorf

Great tour, super recommended! István is one of the best guides I have ever met. He goes above and beyond to deliver the best experience and he provided a lot of interesting facts and information about the city, its history, and culture, with a bit of humor and fun when appropriate. You won’t be disappointed! (WannaWalk tour)

Joanna, Warsaw

We loved our tour with George. He is so knowledgeable and delivers information in a very easy-to-understand way. He made the tour very entertaining and interesting, answered all of our questions, and made additional suggestions on what to see / where to eat in Budapest. We highly recommend this tour. Thank you, George! (Jewish Quarter tour)

Sarah, Brisbane

István did an amazing job at showcasing some of the main sights of Budapest and including lots of hidden gems. Highly recommend joining one of his tours! (WannaWalk tour)

Lee, Belfast

George was an excellent guide. He was extremely personable and welcomed all questions. He had an in-depth knowledge of the area and you could tell he genuinely loved being a tour guide. He showed us some fantastic hidden gems in the Jewish Quarter. (Jewish Quarter tour)

Emily, Munich

Robert was the perfect guide. You can feel that he really loves his city! It was a great composition of historical facts and funny/unique stories. (WannaWalk tour)

Stephen, Auckland

It was a cold night in Budapest when we met George, not knowing what to expect. In the end, the three of us had a great experience with George showing how the architecture of the city can look so great at night. Entertaining stories and anecdotes, and enjoyed his frank opinions on the many things that are going on around this city. (Budapest Sunset tour)