Szimpla Kert is the best ruin bar in Budapest
Instant is no. 1 nightclub in the city
Ruin bar Extra




Wanna party? You are in the right place! In short, Budapest nightlife will not disappoint. Ruin bars, rooftop bars, wine bars, nightclubs …the number and variety of places where you can enjoy endless fun and meet like-minded people from all over the world are simply amazing.


Budapest nightclubs are where you go to party hard. They offer all kinds of styles and types of music, with excellent DJs and, above all, an incredible atmosphere. Try Instant, Dobosz, Aether, or Otkert. If you are looking for a Budapest gay club, try Alterego.

Make sure to check out the opening days and hours!




Budapest nightclubs are full of excitement
Hight Note rooftop bar has stunning views of St Stephen's Basilica

Rooftop bars

Experience breathtaking panoramic views of Budapest at 360. This trendy hotspot attracts a vibrant mix of stylish locals and curious tourists, indulging in expertly crafted cocktails. As you perch atop one of the tallest buildings along Andrássy Avenue, immerse yourself, for example, in the pulsating beats of hip-hop and R&B every Thursday to Saturday. Even during the colder months, heated igloo structures ensure that winter never hinders the year-round excitement.

The High Note Sky Bar also provides stunning rooftop views. To access this stylish bar, you must pass through the elegant lobby of the Aria Boutique Hotel and ride the elevator to the highest level. The view is certainly awe-inspiring, with the Liberty Statue, Buda Castle, and St. Stephen’s Basilica seemingly within reach.

Perched atop the magnificent Baroque Revival structure of the five-star Matild Palace Hotel, The Duchess boasts unrivaled views that will, above all, leave you breathless. From the iconic Elizabeth Bridge to the majestic Gellért Hill and the enchanting cityscape of Budapest’s bustling downtown, this surreal stage design unfolds before your very eyes. While The Duchess may not cater to every budget, for those with a little extra to spare, this is an unforgettable experience.

Budapest rooftop bars are very popular, so booking is recommended. They are a very special aspect of Budapest nightlife.

Ruin bars

What is a ruin bar? Once you see them, you’ll know the answer. They occupy depleted old buildings that were abandoned after the fall of Communism. Usually, you’ll find mismatched old furniture and decorations, a friendly atmosphere, and a great vibe.

The best ruin bar in Budapest is Szimpla Kert, by a mile. It is a place you have to check out. Come in the afternoon if you like a smaller crowd, so you can appreciate all the quirky details. The evenings are much busier.

Other ruin bars worth a visit are Extra, Kisuzem, Puder, Elesztohaz, Koleves Kert, and Csendes. Some of them might not fully fit into the definition of a ruin bar, but in spirit, they are there. Without ruin bars, Budapest nightlife would not be the same.

Most places are located in the Jewish Quarter (Party District), the ones that are not are, therefore, a bit quieter and more relaxed.




Extra, one of the best ruin bars in Budapest
Budapest cocktail bars offer skillfully crafted drinks

Cocktail bars

Some places already mentioned have great cocktails: The Duchess, High Note Sky Bar, 360, and Extra. There are many other trendy cocktail lounges with stylish bartenders, offering meticulously crafted classics or innovative creations, often featuring local, Hungarian spirits. Unfortunately, don’t expect them to be very budget-friendly.

Some spots to hit are Boutiq Bar, Hotsy Totsy, Warm Up, and Tuk Tuk. The last one is gay-friendly.





Wine bars

Wine enthusiasts feel right at home in Budapest. Hungary has 22 different wine regions, producing quality varieties, red and white, and anything in between.

For a more upscale experience, try Tasting TableMarlou, or Press House 47. Kadarka and Palack offer a more local vibe.

Doblo is a great choice, offering live music most of the evenings.

All these places are very popular, so booking is recommended.






Budapest wine bars are top notch

Sports bars

Equipped with big screens that ensure every moment is crystal clear, Budapest’s sports bars are the perfect fusion of passion, technology, and socializing. Don’t miss out on the chance to immerse yourself in the dynamic atmosphere, where spirited fans come together to revel in the thrill of victory. Coupled with the satisfying taste of good pub fare and refreshing craft brews, sports bars in Budapest provide the perfect setting to soak in the exhilaration of the game while surrounded by fellow enthusiasts.

Some places to try are Champs, Score!, Stifler, Davy Byrne’s, Ziccer!, and 6:3 Borozo (named after the famed Hungarian drubbing of England in London in 1953, this one is truly local).





Live music

Budapest offers a vibrant music scene, with numerous venues hosting live performances throughout the year. From small clubs to larger concert halls, you can catch everything from jazz to rock, blues,  pop, and folk.

For a comprehensive guide to live music in Budapest, check the Songkick calendar.

Some great venues to catch live tunes are Budapest Jazz Club, If Jazz Cafe, A38, Durer Kert, Akvarium, Lampas, Turbina, and Giero (best Gypsy music).






Aquarium, most centrally located venue for live music in Budapest